Launch of book by Z Pallo Jordan

ON Thursday 28 September 2017, the NRF Chair of African Diplomacy and Foreign Policy, in partnership with Jacana Media and the Mutloatse Art Heritage Trust, hosted the launch of Letters to my Comrades: Interventions and Excursions, by Z Pallo Jordan.

Extract from the backtext
Z Pallo Jordan has long been the unapologetic moral guardian of the liberation struggle. His writings spanning decades are testament to the power of putting pen to paper, and speaking the truth with force and eminentlhy readable moral conviction. Letters to my Comrades is the ultimate collection of his piercing and yet embraceable thoughts and enquiries.

β€˜In many ways, this book is strikingly apt for the current historical period. For one thing, it is being published at a time when the current phase of the historical processs is astride two separate but conceptuallhy interlinked periods – the apartheid and the post-apartheid stages.’ – Former president Kgalema Motlanthe

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