Articles in The Thinker

STAFF members of the NRF Chair of African Diplomacy and Foreign Policy write regularly for The Thinker, the Pan-African Quarterly for Thought Leaders, published by Vusizwe Media in collaboration with  the University of Johannesburg. Recent contributions can be downloaded below.

An analysis of the nature and origins of African problems. Eric Blanco Niyitunga. The Thinker, Volume 72, 2017.

Is Israel an American colony? Anton M Pillay. Volume 72, 2017.

Brexit has no relevance to the African Union. Anton M Pillay. The Thinker, Volume 71, 2017.

The kragdadige leadership impulses of Jacob Zuma. Chris Landsberg. The Thinker, Volume 71, 2017.

Pan-African internationalism through partnership, not neo-paternalism. Chris Landsberg. The Thinker, Volume 69, 2016.

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