Publications in 2016

Dr Westen K Shilaho

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Dr Yolanda K Spies

‘Africa and the idea of international society. Journal for Contemporary History, 41(1), pp 38-56.

Dr Lesley Masters

‘South Africa’s two-track approach to science diplomacy’. Journal for Contemporary History. June 2016.

With Fritz Nganje. ‘Foreign aid and diplomacy’. University of British Columbia Diplomacy Encyclopaedia Project. Submitted in February 2016.

Professor Chris Landsberg

‘African solutions for African problems: Quiet diplomacy and South Africa’s diplomatic strategy towards Zimbabwe’. Journal of Contemporary History, Special Edition, June 2016.

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Co-edited with Suzy Graham. Government and Politics in South Africa: Coming of Age. Van Schaik (forthcoming).

Africa Rise Up! Perspectives on African Renewal. Africa Institute of South Africa, Porto Alegre.

‘Pan-African Internationalism through partnership, not neo-paternalism’. The Thinker, Vol 69.

Dr Adetola Odubajo

‘The quest for peace in Nigeria’s plateau’. Africa Insight, 46 (2).

With F Ottoh. ‘The roles of external actors in the resolution of the Nigeria-Cameroon boundary dispute’. Kazan Journal of International Law and International Relations, Issue 8.

Dr Fritz Nganje

‘The rhetoric and practice of the international responsibility to prevent mass atrocities: reflections on South Africa’s peace-building role in South Sudan (2005 – 2013)’. African Security Review, 26 (1), March 2017 (forthcoming).

‘Brazilian cities in Mozambique: South-South development co-operation or the projection of soft power?’ Journal of Southern African Studies, 42 (2), June 2016, pp 659-674.

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Dr Brendan Vickers

‘Still leading in sub-Saharan Africa?’ In Giovanni Carbone (ed), Africa: The Need for Change. Ledizioni Ledi Publishing, pp 93-114.

Eric Blanco Niyitunga

‘The African Union and the mediated peace in Africa: A case of political unrest in Burundi’. In Mammo Muchie, Vusi Gumede, Samuel Oloruntoba and Nicasius Achu Check (eds), Regenerating Africa: Bringing African Solutions to African Problems. Africa Institute of South Africa (AISA).

‘Assessing the missing link within the concept of preventative diplomacy with reference to African conflicts’. Journal for Contemporary History, December 2016.

‘Impact of the “Global War on Terror” on the rights of refugees and asylum-seekers in the Horn of Africa – an analysis of the Somali refugees and asylum-seekers in Kenya’. African Insight, 45 (3), Africa Institute of South Africa (AISA), December 2015.

Across the lines of conflict: Facilitating cooperation to build peace. SAIIA and the Taylor & Francis Group. At

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