Students at the NRF Chair

ALONG with research, outreach and the cultivation of graduate students are key objectives of the Chair. Prof Landsberg and a senior researcher, Dr Lesley Masters, supervise masters and doctoral theses in areas broadly within the scope of African foreign policy, including areas as diverse as interrogating the concept of ‘hegemony’ in the Southern African region, and analysing the European Union’s relations with the countries of North Africa.

Young scholars

The Chair has crafted a niche centre for the development of young scholars, preparing students for future positions in academia, think -tanks, the private sector and government. This includes research and writing seminars where students are provided with the opportunity to engage in debate, build networks, and hone their writing skills, and are exposed to multifaceted thinking by their peers.

Post-doctoral fellows

Besides graduate students, the Chair hosts a number of post-doctoral fellows whose work contributes to the vision of the Chair, focusing on areas including the dynamics of conflict in Kenya, the political economy of southern Africa, and the technological aspects of African diplomacy.

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