More about the NRF Chair

The NRF Chair in African Diplomacy and Foreign Policy is a research and post-graduate research and teaching initiative under the aegis of the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Johannesburg. Established under the NRF South African Research Chairs Initiative, it seeks to respond to the fluctuating state of Africa’s international affairs by developing a research and outreach agenda embedded in strong basic and applied primary research. The NRF Chair of African Diplomacy and Foreign Policy is headed by Prof Chris Landsberg.

The Chair is committed to engaging in research that bridges the divide between the worlds of theory and practice/decision-making. It adopts an interdisciplinary approach to the nexus between domestic politics and foreign policy, and implements a multidimensional research agenda comprising a focus on South African foreign policy; African diplomacy; African integration at the continental, regional and subregional levels; and Africa’s co-operation with and search for strategic partnerships with the outside world.

As regards diplomacy, the Chair focuses on investigating the dimensions of African peace and security, development and stability, a continental development agenda, and Africa’s international co-operation. This includes issues such as the national challenge of honing and refining South Africa’s national interests within its ‘African Agenda’, and the continental challenge of researching Africa’s inter-state and international relations with a view to enhancing African agency on the world stage.

The Chair’s vision of being a ‘Pan-African research and post-graduate development centre of international repute engaging in African challenges through rigorous research in diplomacy and foreign policy’ is grdually being borne out through the work of the Chair-holder, Professor Chris Landsberg, and his team at the Centre.

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